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The pilotage company Bahia Pilots was founded on September 23, 2005. It is currently formed by 15 pilots who are certified by the Brazilian Navy and who operate in Todos os Santos Bay responding to requests of ship maneuvers as well as oil rigs and barges that navigate in the bay with the intention to proceed to anchoring areas, ports and terminals. The company is located in the most modern marina in Salvador, Bahia Marina, and its physical structure provides an excellent and secure work environment.


Bahia Pilots features two fast boats for pilot transportation from headquaters to the terminals within Todos os Santos Bay and three pilot boats for pilot embarkation and disembarkation from inbound and anchored ships. A total of five boats are available to Bahia Pilots in order to provide with the best pilotage service.

Besides the compulsory equipment required by the Brazilian Navy every boat has an AIS, wich makes it easier for the Pilot Station to operationally control them and for the pilot boat crew to identify the vessels to be reached. As a managing facilitator, the pilot boat receives all the information from the company’s operational system, which allows the pilot to know in advance the maneuver schedule and also the ships particulars.


To constantly pursue excellence and efficiency the pilotage, aiming at the safety of maritime navigation, protection of public and private assets and preservation of the environment.


To be professional reference in offering pilotage services, as a producer source of techniques and Pilots, aiming at the development of the Port of Baía de Todos os Santos.


Competence, Excellence in providing services, Commitment, Environmental Awareness and Responsibility in the development of the Port of Baía de Todos os Santos.


Av. Lafayete Coutinho, 1010, loja 15, Bahia Marina - Salvador - Bahia. Tel+55 71 3016 8500 Fax+55 71 3016 8511