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The Pilotage Zone (ZP) corresponds to a geographic area bounded by local peculiarities that may put at risk the safety of  vessels, demanding the establishment of a continued pilotage service. It is the Diretoria de Portos e Costas‘ (DPC) duty to establish the ZP. In Brazil there are 22 Pilotage Zones, two of which are in the state of Bahia: ZP-12, that envolves the Ports/Terminals of Salvador, Usiba, Aratu, Naval Base, Ford, TPC, Dow Chemical, Temadre, TRBA, São Roque e Paraguaçu, and; ZP-13, in the city of Ilhéus.

Salvador Port


Aratu Port

Aratu Naval Base

Miguel de Oliveira Port Terminal - FORD

Cotegipe Port Terminal - TPC

Dow Chemical Terminal

Madre de Deus Terminal - TEMADRE

Bahia’s Regasification Terminal - TRBA

São Roque Terminal 

Enseada do Paraguaçu Shipyard - EEP

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